Classically trained in piano and with a masters degree in staying fashionable even when that hot degree was in finance it was inevitable that things could go off piste for Brad Wilder. Too many sounds circling the head that were not derivatives.

It was a chance meeting with the horribly gifted producer Christopher Groove in 2015 that released the beast.  A proper bonding in his other worldly HQ in Vienna became like a crash course in studio artistry and pizza sharing etiquette. All those murmuring melodies and agitated bouffant beats could be coaxed into life and it was Game On ladies and gentlemen Offline was conceived. No messing around. The sharing caring Offline would be a beautiful vehicle and Brad would set up camp in Ibiza in 2016 and give it a go behind the decks.

It all went rather well. There was a frantic charismatic character chipping away behind the wheels of steel and he was playing some thirsty stuff, squeezing the pips out of a tune and making sure it gave more joy. Throbbing bass lines, tripped out  spacey beats but always some melody for your mood. He prescribed sets for the warm up, the gig gig or the after hour – effortlessly.

New but naughty was the island verdict. In Heart Brad delivered with his gang, aided by those bespoke jawdropping Offline visuals and fx that enticed Dubfire, Tiga, Sneak and Felix da Housecat to join the fun. As the word got out there was Space, pop ups across the island and before you knew it Offline and Brad were playing with and hosting some stunning after hour sessions for Cocoon, Paradise and Hyte amongst others.

This was a fast start.

Now the music is coming and will keep coming. The studio is in place and a lot of things are percolating. Early in 2017 Offline Records will be releasing the first fruits from this revelatory period and it is not to be missed.


A monstrous record collection and some of the rarest grooves you can clap your ears around tell you much of what you need to know about Christopher Groove. Even at primary school every schilling went to the record stores of Vienna when class was over. Cryptic old techno, forgotten house heroes and many other weird and wonderful things reside in his vaults and crates.

Not so long after every euro went in to building a studio that could accommodate all the vinyl, lots of shiny blinking gear and a modular Herman Miller Aeron. Posture in the studio, very important. When you are a wizard possessing silky studio skills and amazing ears that know their way around techno, electro, jazz, synth pop and anything else in the musical ecosystem you get to stay in the house, skip all those normal jobs and do what you love.

A lucrative career developed with high profile clients and collaborations that meant splitting time between Europe, the States and beyond but still lots of sitting down and not much daylight.

A chance meeting in 2016 with Brad Wilder changed everything. There was bonding. There were countless hours in the studio making and playing music and somewhere along the way Offline was conceived.

Audacious. Two feisty characters took it to Ibiza literally in the summer of 2016 with a residency at Heart in the port of Ibiza, pop up events across the island and some spectacular after parties working with Paradise and Hyte amongst others.

There was daylight suddenly and away from the studio behind the decks the Chris groove is predictably unpredictable. An unflustered presence dishing out pulsating bass lines one minute before taking you somewhere dense and dreamlike the next. Bewitching stuff that is effortlessly stitched together and lures you in for the long haul. Music for the dancefloor with no compromises and no toilet breaks because you might miss something. This is a super mario love machine set free at last.

The first solo Groove fruits ripe and fresh from the studio will be released on Offline Records early in 2017.